Southwire integrates CableBuilder to all its North American plants

Cimteq Ltd, a leading software
provider for the design and manufacturing of cables, announces that Southwire
Company, LLC (Southwire), one of North America’s largest wire and cable
producer, is integrating CableBuilder, the flagship cable manufacturing
software system by Cimteq, to all its plants in North America, transforming the
efficiency, cohesiveness and productivity of their business. The new fully
integrated system will drive Southwire to realise its goal of a fully
streamlined system linking all plants together through common data and



Following on from the successful
implementation of CableBuilder to over a quarter of its plants, Southwire has
scheduled CableBuilder to be rolled out to its remaining plants by the end of



Southwire is one of North America’s leading
manufacturers of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of
electricity and prides itself on its motto, We Deliver Power …Responsibly® to millions
of people
around the world through its products.



With Southwire’s key strategic goals:
to build organizational capability, drive operational excellence and accelerate
growth, the company requires internal systems in place that will allow it to
perform at its maximum potential.



Mr Dwayne Johnson, Director,
Specifications & Standards, Southwire, commented “CableBuilder software is a strategic investment for us at Southwire.  Its use as a product data management system
is essential for our ERP’s operation.  CableBuilder
software also offers us the flexibility to
continuously improve our designs and our business processes.”



Ali Shehab, CEO Cimteq says ”When
faced with selecting a system to satisfy Southwire’s requirements, CableBuilder
was the natural choice. The benefits that the software would bring to Southwire
were clearly evident from the first demonstration. Following an intensive
period of implementation at its headquarters with support from our experienced
implementation consultants, Southwire is now rolling out CableBuilder across
the board which demonstrates their confidence in the software.”



With over 20 plants across North
America, consistency is imperative in order for the company’s SAP system to
function effectively. CableBuilder is intuitive and flexible and can be adapted
to any ERP system. CableBuilder integrates into SAP, delivering concise information
enabling the system to match production to exact order requirements, reducing
scrap and rework. Furthermore, CableBuilder has allowed Southwire to take the
automation process one step further by transforming activities that would be
traditionally managed by a design engineer into automated processes within the
system, for example, selection of materials and specification validation.



CableBuilder’s unique function enables
Southwire to utilise the principle of designing a product once and then rolling
it out to multiple plants to the exact same specification of that original
design. CableBuilder allows Southwire to optimise production and reduce costs,
especially with regards to transportation. Any updates to a product are
automatically implemented across all plants saving a huge amount of time on
design engineering.



About Southwire



A leader in technology and innovation,
Southwire Company, LLC is one of North America’s largest wire and cable
producers. Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable,
metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, utility products, OEM
wire products and engineered products. In addition, Southwire supplies
assembled products, contractor equipment and hand tools. For more on
Southwire’s products, its community involvement and its vision of
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Cimteq Ltd is the leading provider of
software for the design and manufacturing of cables to the cable manufacturing
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