Smart Design and Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

Cimteq were among the exhibitors
showcasing their software products at  the
WAI’s (Wire Association International)
This WAI event, which will be held at the Georgia World Congress
Center, includes its trade show, the Global Ferrous Rod & Wire Symposium,
technical programs and  87th Annual Convention
Interwire Trade Exposition 2017 held at the
Georgia World Congress Centre, Georgia, Atlanta on 8-11th May 2017 ,
including the trade show, the Global Ferrous Rod & Cable Symposium,
technical programmes and 87th Annual Convention.



A year in today’s fast moving
technological society is a long time. The cable industry is now starting to
adopt the principles of Industry 4.0, or the “smart factory”. Ali Shehab, CEO,
Cimteq joined three other industry experts from Shoplogix, InnoVites and Oden
Technologies, on Tuesday 9th May to share their expertise on
Industry 4.0 in a panel discussion.



Ali Shehab, CEO at Cimteq comments:



“This was a good opportunity for
industry experts to share their expertise and opinions on Industry 4.0. It was
positive to see that the panel discussion was very well attended with over 60
people. The panellist provided different interpretations of Industry 4.0 from
their own outlook. There were lots of questions regarding the implementation of
Industry 4.0, including concerns about deskilling the work force and the cost.
Cimteq’s message was that although the cost of collecting and storing
information had not significantly changed, the information has become much more
valuable with the introduction of intelligent controls and the
interconnectivity of systems.   Industry 4.0 is not the future, it is here and
yielding benefits by those that adopt its concept. It strengthens the idea of
cooperation between systems. The principle is to leverage the strength of each
supplier in the digital thread”.



Cimteq exhibited its most advanced
cable design software, CableBuilder, and its Manufacturing Execution System,



Ali Shehab expands, “Cimteq has been
exhibiting at Interwire for several years, Interwire 2017 is one of the most
successful shows we have exhibited at in terms of referrals and the number of
exhibitors. We were pleased to meet existing customers who told us how much
CableBuilder continues to improve their design and quotation processes.  They also recommended some improvements and
new features which we have taken on board. So, look out for announcements in
the near future.  Our Manufacturing
Execution System, CableMES, received very positive feedback, the combination of
the modern platform, the simplicity and the powerful analytics and the scalability
were the main desirable features. As always, the organisation of the show was
superb and the key note speaker was inspirational with a dive into the world of
3D printing”.

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