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Monitor, control and execute real-time cable production with CableMES.

CableMES is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically for the wire and cable manufacturing industry which is proven to provide a very quick return on investment. It maximises plant production, improves product quality, reduces inventory and ensures on time delivery.

  • Effective management of resources through accurate production orders, taking account of customer order dates, length, availability of stock and manufacturing production capabilities
  • Stock movement and availability, tracked through barcodes to provide visibility to ensure accurate stock management by location or item and complete traceability of raw materials to the shipped product
  • Track production progress by length produced and materials consumed
  • Automatic data capture from test equipment highlighting non-conformance issues
  • Users can construct their own dashboard of machines that reflects their area of responsibility managing production issues in real-time from a single screen
  • Monitor real-time and long-term Overall Equipment Effectivenss (OEE)


Reporting and Data Collection
CableMES utilises the extremely powerful Historian tool provided by Wonderware which is capable of collecting any process data. Users are able to correlate this data with process and quality alarms to an exact length of cable produced to identify trends and provide long term improvement benchmarks. Historian and CableMES come with a wealth of reports which allow management to take a strategic view of the business and to drill down to the cause of any event.
Production Planning
We integrate with the world's leading finite capacity planning tools like Ortems and Preactor which specifically cater for the cable manufacturing industry. Finite capacity planning is an important tool to ensure the effective utilisation of production resources, it highlights delivery problems before they occur allowing them to be expedited to hit target dates.
Production Order Generation
CableMES integrates seamlessly into CableBuilder's Manufacturing Module to automatically generate production orders on demand. The resulting production order consists of all necessary production information needed to execute the order.
Warehouse Management
CableMES manages drum and raw material movements through a powerful warehouse management system. All stock movements are tracked automatically with a barcode.
Production Monitoring and Control
CableMES monitors and tracks every aspect of manufacturing to ensure orders are processed on time and to cost. It is also an effective tool to unearth hidden production capacity that makes a significant contribution to improved order delivery performance. Production monitoring intelligently combines operator progress reporting with automatic data gathering from the production lines that validates and minimises operator interaction. It ensures integrity of data and accuracy.
Quality Management
Quality control is inherent in every aspect of CableMES, from quality plans to quality data recording. Analysis of quality losses, traceability and non-conformance management play a key role in managing a product through the manufacturing life-cycle.
System Integration
System integration was a fundamental requirement from CableMES during development and as such is capable of integrating to any ERP system such as SAP, CableERP and BPCS. Integrating CableMES with CableBuilder delivers an exponential return that enhances every aspect of the Design and Manufacturing lifecycle.

Key Benefits of Cable MES

CableMES maximises production, improves product quality, reduces inventory and ensures on time delivery
Improve Production
Improve machine and material utilisation
Improve Quality
Quality plan auto-generated from CableBuilder
Accurate Production Orders
Effective management of resources through accurate production orders
Maximises Plant Production
Reduce paperwork and data entry, decrease downtime and improve lead times

  • Real-Time Visibility of the Manufacturing Floor
  • Full Traceability of non-conformance
  • OEE Machine Effectiveness Tracking
  • Real-Time Alarms and Historical Tranding
  • Drum and Raw Material Management
  • Track and reduce work in progress
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