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CableBuilder software was born out of the demand within the cable industry to simplify the complex management of cable design data from the initial design concept all the way through to delivering the full bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system.

CableBuilder enables you to seamlessly manage cable product data through the typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP system. This enables significant productivity gains through the efficient handling of product data, ensuring continuity and data integrity throughout the cable lifecycle.

Cable Design

CableBuilder is a Cable Design software application for every type of cable, from standard power cables to fiber-optic cables. It is a feature-rich application that helps you to reduce design and maintenance time, produce professional 3D/2D drawings, datasheets and catalogues, improve manufacturing instructions and reduce rework and scrap.

The software is modular and segmented based on functionality. A key aspect of CableBuilder is flexibility. It allows you to deploy the core Design & Production module and introduce additional modules as need and requirement dictates.


The quotation module enables the rapid production of sales quotations for your prospects and customers. Quotations are generated into your preferred format and layout to ensure a full set of sales documentation is automatically produced for every customer. This not only saves time but ensures a consistent level of professionalism is maintained across the whole organisation.
Manufacturing Simulation
The Manufacturing Simulation is used to reflect the actual manufacturing conditions on the shop floor and understands the manufacturing flow and the losses associated with material and time. It is designed to model the real world through flexible, user configurable, machine and production rules in order to minimise losses bases on machine capabilities and product attributes.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is a fundamental requirement for all cable manufacturers, any issues with quality need to be identified and rectified immediately. The impact of quality issues not being identified can have significant ramifications on both profit and reputation. A single repository for all quality checks with a complete audit trail ensures your reputation is never compromised. The Quality Assurance module enables you to systematically track and audit production quality, manage non-conformance, and generate test certification.
ERP Integration
CableBuilder integrates to a host of ERP systems, from industry leaders such as SAP, Oracle and CableERP to more niche deployments such as Infor and Logo as well as bespoke custom built systems. The integration is done with a variety of methods that are available depending on the capability of the host system and the requirements of the customer.
Reporting - Datasheets
CableBuilder offers integrated datasheets and reporting which are auto-populated with live data which ensures key documentation is always up to date.
Reporting - Drawings
CableBuilder offers drawing capabilities across the full range of cable types including Power Cables, Telephone Cables, Optical Fibre Cables, Sectored Cables and many more. The created images are scaled versions of the exact parameters that exist as designs within the CableBuilder. The resulting colour images are auto-generated from the design data in either 2D and 3D depending on the chosen implementation and saved in either JPEG or SVG file format. Users can also add in further detail to the image by selecting different levels of labelling and drawings.

Key Benefits of CableBuilder

CableBuilder enables you to seamlessly manage cable product data through the typical workflow milestones of Design, Production, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Quality Assurance and ERP system
Better Product Design
Full cable design and search facility and reuse of existing designs
Accurate Data
Sales staff can produce real-time quotes including variable length cost calculations
Reduced Waste
Simulated production costs and capabilities together with production orders based on custom rules
Excellent Customer Service
Systematically track and audit production quality, manage non-conformances

  • Full search capability and reuse of existing designs
  • Better control of design and design changes with a full audit trail and workflow
  • Automatic report generation at any stage to ensure consistency and save time
  • Transparency and standardisation across all plants and design teams
  • Managed access for non-technical staff such as sales & finance
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