Did you know?


Fact 1

The thinnest wire in the world is 10,000 times smaller than a human hair.

Fact 2

Electricity travels close to the speed of light. Light travels through empty space at 186,000 miles per second and electricity through a copper wire travels 95% of that. Therefore, the fastest electricity can travel is approx. 176,700 miles per second.


Fact 3

The deepest submarine power cable in the world is 1,600 metres below sea level and connects the island of Sardinia with mainland Italy.

Fact 4

The first transatlantic telegraph cable became operational in 1858.

Fact 5

The world’s largest wind turbine is in Denmark – with each wing almost the length of a football field!

Fact 6

99% of international data is transmitted by submarine communications cables. They can be as deep underwater as Everest is tall.

Fact 7

There are around 300 communications cables running across the world’s oceans, connecting countries to the internet.


Fact 9

At 39,000 kilometres, the South East Asia, Middle East and Western Europe ‘SEA-ME-WE 3’ network is the longest cable network in the world. It stretches from Europe to Australia and East Asia, linking 33 countries and four continents.

Fact 10

Submarine cables have to withstand the pressure of 8km of water. That’s like putting an elephant on your thumb!


Fact 10

Sharks seem to enjoy chewing submarine communications cables but appear to do the cables (and themselves) comparatively little damage. Ships and fishing lines cause more problems than hungry sea creatures.

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