Gap Analysis Workshop

Investing in software can sometimes feel like a leap-of-faith, the lack of certainty with regards the returns on investment as well as the scope of the delivered solution and delivery timescales can make it very difficult to drive the project internally.

This lack of certainty is quite typical for any software project and many feasible projects which could have delivered customers’ significant returns have been shelved due to lack of clarity around the potential gains.

We recognise that without this information, it can be very difficult for project sponsors to drive these initiatives forward through their internal budgetary sign-off process and ensure the project is given the priority it really deserves.

To help address these challenges we are running Gap Analysis Workshops on customer sites that dive into the internal systems and processes to work up a bespoke solution based on their requirements. The outcome from the workshop will be a report that defines the key deliverables and the returns on that investment to enable the senior leadership team to make an informed decision before they make a financial commitment.

The workshop will focus on defining 4 key areas:

  • The scope and costs of the proposed solution
  • Outline a plan with timelines for deployment
  • Highlight the internal resources the project will consume
  • Illustrate the return in investment between the current methods of working and the proposed solution.

If you are interested in discussing this in more detail, contact Richard Cotter at [email protected] or call +44 1978 664 215 ext.543.