Fibre Optic

The challenge of designing and making Fibre Optic cables is in the management of the optical and physical performance of the cable. Optical cables have a diverse form and applications from OPGW to loose tube, to duct cables to ribbon cables, etc. Like other communication cables manufacturers obtain competitive advantage through product and process innovation. The management of innovation needs to be strictly controlled and its benefits maximised to improve new product designs and existing designs.

Cimteq’s cable design and its design configuration solution help design engineers design Optical cables very quickly and helps sales quote the customer very quickly with accurate costs, technical drawings and datasheets. When an order is taken, CableMES will take over to instruct operators of what they need to make, when they need to make it and how to make it. It will also collect all the progress and quality measurements without the need to handle a mountain of paper trail. If there is a fault it can pinpoint when the fault happened, the process conditions of when it happened and what was done about it.



Chris Huntley
Cable Design Manager, Aberdare Cables

One of the standout features of working with CableBuilder is the support we have received from Cimteq. Any helpdesk case raised by myself has received a high level of commitment aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction. Cimteq are prepared to go the “extra mile”, it is good to know that this level of support is just a phone call or an e mail away.


Dwayne Johnson
Director, Specifications & Standards, Southwire

CableBuilder software is a strategic investment for us at Southwire. Its use as a product data management system is essential for our ERP’s operation. CableBuilder software also offers us the flexibility to continuously improve our designs and our business processes.

Brandon Salinas
Quality Engineer, Encore Wire

CableBuilder is functional, game-changing and revolutionary. It has given us the ability to manage our product information in a more efficient way

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