EU Construction Products Regulation for Cables

On 1st July 2017, the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force. All cables supplied to the construction industry have a mandatory requirement to apply the new extended CE marking to their products.

The regulation provides a common language to assess the performance of construction products to fire. It ensures that reliable information is available to professionals, public authorities, and consumers, so they can compare the fire performance of products from different manufacturers in different countries. Manufacturers now have a legal obligation to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP), which identifies the product and details its intended use and reaction to fire performance characteristics. They are also required to get the product tested by an approved body.

The CE mark provides proof of this “fitness for purpose” and the manufacturer affixing the CE mark label shows that the construction product will enable the finished construction works.

Ali Shehab, CEO, Cimteq, says “There are many levels CableBuilder can help with CPR; once a DoP has been issued CableBuilder, using an identification formula, can identify which cables it applies to, saving time and the potentially costly fines of not conforming to regulations. CableBuilder can also generate the DoP document in multiple languages too”.

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