Wire and cable operations are some of the most complex operational environments across the manufacturing sector. The philosophy of “design for manufacture” is fundamental: the integration of product design, process design and demonstrated process efficiencies is vital if the desired profitability is to be achieved consistently.

Wasteful and inefficient operations erode profit, reduce competitiveness and halt growth. Waste – such as poor efficiency or long changeover times – causes extended lead times for which the habitual and systemic response is increased stocks. Fixed costs rise and business is lost “on price”. The reaction is often to “reduce sales margin” – resulting in unprofitable business and the spiral to closure begins to run out of control. Wasteful use of materials has the same effect.

Effective operational management should be a prerequisite for any wire and cable plant. A manual approach can provide significant benefits, but these can be extended further by using integrated, digital tools. When digital data is shared with the business and technical databases and systems it can improve decision making, planning and estimating. Waste can be significantly and systematically eliminated. Manufacturing can become a competitive advantage rather than a strategic weakness. Through lower prices and reduced lead times, this can increase market share, growing the top-line. When driven by organic improvement this boosts profit.

All of these, when combined, improve the certainty and repeatability of performance and hence of profitability. It outlines a roadmap for the application of tools and systems that together create strategic, competitive advantage from operations and ensure a timely payback.
This White Paper describes:

> Generic types of cable operations that exist and their innate complexities;
> How Cimteq’s software programmes manage these complexities; CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go for design and technical management, and CableMES for manufacturing execution;
> Typical wastes evident in these operations and how Cimteq’s software programmes record them;
> Methodologies for improving performance;
> Best-practice management processes;
> A roadmap to achieve enhanced competitiveness

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