Never has the wire and cable industry faced so many challenges. Rising material prices, increased competition and customer demand have created a perfect storm to drive cable prices down, so it is now more important than ever that wire and cable manufacturers have access to the intelligence they need to future proof their business.

Investing in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) not only provides an almost immediate return on investment, it enables manufacturers to monitor, control and execute real-time cable production. Furthermore, CEOs and CFOs will have the assurance that business-critical decisions are being supported by the most robust data.

Whilst there may be incredibly advanced MES and planning systems working effectively in discrete industries such as car and mobile phone manufacture, their applicability to the wire and cable industry is limited. The ‘grab and use’ nature of these systems is not an option for wire and cable manufacturers; at least not without significant investment in customisation.

Wire and cable design and manufacturing software expert, Cimteq, is well placed to understand the complexities of the wire and cable environment. Together with one of the world’s best-known automation software providers, Wonderware, Cimteq applied its 23-year pedigree to developing CableMES.

An MES bespoke to wire and cable manufacture requirements presents a significant step-change in manufacturing. This powerful vehicle for business process affords continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing value chain as well as acting as a catalyst for cultural change.

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