Customers of CableBuilder3D sprint to market through faster product design

Cimteq’s CableBuilder software manages the complete cycle of cable design and manufacture through typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP.

Accurate costings, waste reduction and the automation of labour-intensive tasks – all with an immediate impact on the bottom line – are recognised by leading cable manufacturers across the world as the key outcomes of consolidating their processes and systems into the CableBuilder application.

The introduction of a fully integrated 3D CAD tool within the CableBuilder environment goes one step further in streamlining the cable design and manufacture process. Powered by Autodesk Inventor, CableBuilder3D generates 3D models at the touch of a button allowing a team beyond draftsmen to work with the images. CableBuilder3D integrates seamlessly with the CableBuilder design, quotation and manufacturing module as well as CableMES and ERP.

Shortening the lead time to product launch
Valuable time staying ahead in race to market is often lost when products are changed downstream. Not so with the flexible design environment of CableBuilder3D where the balance shifts to fewer physical and more virtual product iterations. Cost and waste reduction are an obvious result but there is of course an added advantage in allowing important engineering decisions to be made ahead of time. Shortening the lead time to product launch is a key way in which cable manufactures are gaining commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive global market.

Drawing cable is unquestionably time-consuming. Switching this activity to a virtual process frees up engineer time to work on more innovative activities that have a greater impact on the bottom line. Not only that, 3D models can quickly be included in production notes which further simplifies lay-ups for the production teams.

Creating your own professional marketing imagery
Professional, photo-realistic images are easily generated for use in reports, datasheets, quotations and catalogues. This removes the cost of hiring external photographers or agencies each time you add to your product range. CableBuilder3D gives you ready access to a continually up-to-date image library fully within your control.

Bringing your products to life
What better way for your customers to appreciate the innovative design of your cables than by seeing an iteration as close as possible to the physical prototype? CableBuilder’s 3D imaging can be integrated easily into your website, enabling your customers to search directly for their cable requirements through an impressive visual interface.
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