Creating brand authority to secure investment

You know your business offers cutting-edge products, competitive pricing and quality customer service. But when your competitors are matching you in this area, how else can you differentiate your brand?

In a highly-engaged world, the creation of relevant and informative content can set leading businesses apart – setting the scene for interest and ultimately investment in your business.  When producing a content plan, it’s useful to break it down into the 5Ws and 1H of problem solving:

  • Who are you producing content for and why should they be interested? As a cable and wire manufacturer, your audience can typically be segmented into the following:


  • Customers who are looking for their ‘problem’ to be addressed
  • Investors seeking to add a high-growth business to their portfolio
  • Funders who want to achieve their own policy aims through funding innovative or employment-creating projects
  • Press and influencers within the sector who can quickly build credibility on your behalf
  • The Board whose personal integrity is very publicly aligned with your business
  • Staff whom you wish to retain in your business
  • Suppliers with whom you want to build a strong working relationship


  • What are they interested in? As you’re seeking to build up a picture of a well-rounded business, writing about topics that resonate with your audience will reassure them that your business knowledge extends to their wider issues


  • When are you expecting them to digest content? Publish your content at different times to find out what works for your audience


  • Where do you expect them to access your content and how does this dictate their attention levels? At their desktop or on the move?


  • Why are you producing this piece of content and why should your audience be compelled to action?


  • How will you present this content/ what form will be most successful in getting your message across? Examples include blogs, whitepapers, video, elearning courses, quizzes, workshops, infographics and speaking engagement


Cimteq itself is adopting this approach with its new Cimteq Academy where its many years of experience and expertise will be openly shared with the cable and wire community. Learn more at:

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