Cimteq, the leading global provider of cable design and manufacturing software, recently announced its latest innovative product which has already been enthusiastically received by a number of current and prospective customers. The software, designed to seamlessly integrate with current ERP systems, will enable cable manufacturing companies around the world to dramatically optimise their production environment, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Cimteq’s Manufacturing Simulation Module (MSM) is a module of their cable design software, CableBuilder. MSM is a system so innovative in its design it will transform the way that companies operate in both an administrative and a productive capacity. The system allows the manufacturer to define a set of rules relating to their processes and capabilities; MSM is then able to simulate the production costs and capabilities of the company to achieve unparalleled benefits. From creating the initial quotation right through to generating production process instructions, MSM will ensure complete cost accuracy whilst also minimising wastage and improving consistency.

As with all of Cimteq’s products MSM can be tailored to each individual manufacturer’s requirements, as a result companies will extract different benefits from the system depending upon their needs. Ali Shehab, CEO of Cimteq commented “At Cimteq we are committed to innovation in order to provide our customers with the software they require to ensure that their companies are running at maximum efficiency with minimal levels of waste in terms of both material and time. MSM is intuitive in its design, for example it can be taught to understand component length and the losses associated with it, as a result the engineer can define unique rules specific to that particular company within the system, which will ultimately result in minimising these losses and improve production efficiency.” The system’s unique ability to understand cable length and the variables associated with it has a huge impact on a companies capacity to exploit the concept of length based costing to ensure maximum profitability. Using MSM a company can simulate the production cycle and ascertain all the variable elements involved, such as machine running costs, material usage and associated wastage, to produce real time production figures for any given length of cable. This provides an invaluable insight into the profitability and associated costs of a theoretical order, allowing for extremely accurate quotations and minimal risk of unprofitable orders resulting from errors in estimating.

The applications of MSM and the resulting benefits are vast. Cimteq are extremely aware that every cable manufacturing company is different in the way that it operates; this is clearly reflected in the design of MSM in that it can be adapted to ensure it offers each company a bespoke solution which is the best fit for their particular requirements. Cimteq make it their mission to provide their customers with solutions to help them streamline their production process and it is apparent that with this new product offering they have once again raised the bar within the industry.

To discover how MSM can dramatically improve the efficiency and results from your production environment contact Cimteq today for a demonstration.