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Everything you ever wanted to know about CableBuilder and CableMES

Learn about Cimteq, its products CableBuilder and CableMES and the team behind the products. Answering all your questions on return on investment, functionality and implementation.

For questions specific to your business, please contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, [email protected] or to book a one to one online demo.

CableBuilder FAQs

Cimteq provides business software implementation and process control consultancy to the cable and wire manufacturing industry. It was set up in 1998 and is now recognised as an industry leader in cable manufacturing and design software. It operates across the globe with clients in the US, China, mainland Europe and the UK to name but a few.  Read more about Cimteq.

CableBuilder is a software application that helps cable and wire manufacturers to quote, design and produce cables in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It manages the complete cable design and manufacture process through Design, Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP system.  Read more about CableBuilder.

There are three key ways in which CableBuilder can help your business: accurate costings (consolidating all systems and processes into Cablebuilder’s one application improves data accuracy); waste reduction (by calculating the cost of different models before committing to the expense of manufacture); and automation of labour-intensive repetitive tasks (which allows for accelerated design and customer delivery).  See for yourself by watching our Three-minute video.

Using its deep industry knowledge, Cimteq’s calculation tool can illustrate the cost savings that CableBuilder implementation can achieve. Learn more about cost savings for your business by arranging an online demo.

The CableBuilder licence is built on modules which means its cost is entirely tailored to your requirements.

Our site licensing model means that there is no limit to the number of staff in a factory who can access the software, either as part of their daily work or simply to generate reports. Enquire about CableBuilder’s costings and we’ll be delighted to put together a tailored quote.

CableBuilder can be downloaded from a web browser so can be accessed anywhere in the world.

CableBuilder’s Design and Production module comes as standard. Additional modules are available for deployment as and when required: Quotation (for rapid production of sales quotations); Manufacturing Simulation (reflecting management conditions on the shop floor in order to minimise loss); Quality Assurance (for early rectification of issues); ERP integration with both industry leaders and niche/ custom-built deployments); Reporting – Datasheets; and Reporting – Drawings.

Reports on datasheets are auto-populated with live data. Reports on drawings reflect the full range of cables in colour, in 3D and with the option of adding in more detail through labelling and drawing. This sophisticated reporting along with dashboards and other alerts allow factory owners to take real-time informed decisions on deployment of material and resource.

Reporting is fully customisable with outputs in Word, Excel and PDF, and in any chosen language.

CableBuilder automatically updates according to industry standards with no customer input required. It also retains all previous iterations providing a full audit trail.

Yes. Cimteq has customers across the globe and understands the importance of configuring its software for any language.

Yes. CableBuilder is fully compatible for use on smart devices and mobiles.

CableBuilder has been designed specifically for cable and wire manufacturers. As such, 50% of the software is set up to be automatically relevant to your industry.

The remaining 50% is entirely configurable to your current projects. Our implementation experts support you with building your datasheets into the software through webinars, on-site workshops and training of staff on the factory floor.

Companies across the world have integrated CableBuilder into their advanced manufacturing environment. The software has direct application for the Energy; Communications; Industrial; Fibre Optic; and Offshore industries. Learn more about Cimteq’s work with different sectors.

Cimteq’s portfolio includes CableMES which is a custom-built manufacturing execution system and which integrates seamlessly with Cimteq’s Manufacturing module as well as your ERP system (including SAP, CableERP and BPCS).

We’d be happy to demonstrate the full capability of CableBuilder by organising a live online demo. Contact us by email to arrange a demo or call us on 0044 1978 664 215.  And if you’re short on time, why not take a look at our three-minute video?


Cimteq has been leading the way in the design of cable manufacturing and design software for some twenty years. It counts clients across the world including in the US, China, Europe and the UK.  Learn more about Cimteq.

CableMES is a manufacturing execution system custom-made to meet the demands of the cable industry. It maximises production, improves product quality and reduces inventory, thereby demonstrating a very quick return on investment.  Read more about CableMES.

CableMES maximises plant production by reducing errors and by improving product quality; reduces inventory; and ensures on-time delivery.

CableMES helps to streamline processes and maximise productivity by micro-planning orders on the shop floor. It pulls together all relevant production data into CableMES (production orders, customer order dates, length, availability of stock and manufacturing production capabilities). Machine settings and quality plans can be downloaded direct to machines which reduces issues created through human error.

Automated quality recording and real-time alarms allow non-conformance issues to be addressed immediately. CableMES records reasons for machine stoppages and calls maintenance when a breakdown is detected.

Materials can be tracked through barcodes and virtual warehousing providing excellent stock visibility for the factory manager. The status of inventory is available at all times.

CableMES flags up issues at the earliest stages of the production process allowing your machine operators to quickly address the error. How much money you might save of course depends on the cost of the raw material you use as well as the associated running costs of machines and operational staff.

By spotting a single error, CableMES saved Hitachi America Inc up to $40k. Read more about how CableMES saved the day.

Cimteq’s site licensing model means that there is no limit to the number of staff in a factory who can access the software.  We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements if you’d like to drop us a line.

CableMES is easily downloadable from a web browser. As such, it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Process data can be created with process and quality alarms to an exact length of cable produced.  This helps to identify trends and provide long-term benchmarks and, importantly, to capture a full picture on any error causes.

Reports are fully customisable and can be produced in Word, Excel or PDF, and in any given language.

Certainly not! Cimteq customers are based across the world so we are well-versed in configuring our software for any language.

Yes. CableBuilder can be accessed on the move on smart devices and mobiles.

Our expert implementation team will agree a robust project plan to ensure that CableMES is rolled out as quickly and effectively as possible. This will involve online demonstrations, conference calls and on-site workshops and training to timescales and dates to suit you.

CableMES’ sister software CableBuilder supports cable and wire manufacturers in quoting, designing and producing cables in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It manages end-to-end cable design and manufacture through Design, Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP system.

We’d be happy to demonstrate the full capability of CableMES by organising a live online demo. Contact us by email to arrange a demo or call us on 0044 1978 664 215.  In a hurry? Take a look at our Two-minute video.