Win a 3D printer at Wire 2020

The latest release of CableBuilder3D autogenerates a print-ready file for your 3D printer. 3D printing is still new to cable manufacturing, but innovative manufacturers are increasingly adopting it. CableBuilder3D has been designed to support this technology as part of its industry 4.0 arsenal. Specialty cables and subsea cables require an element of prototyping, so what could be better than creating a 3D model of the product before manufacturing? 3D prints are tactile, making them better at conveying information than a printed description, or even a 3D image. A customer being able to hold a model of the product in their hands facilitates any conversation with the designer at a practical level. CableBuilder3D makes it quick and easy to generate these models.

Cimteq are giving you the chance to win a Wanhao i3Plus Duplicator 3D Printer. Enter here for your chance to win. You can also enter by visiting our stand at Wire 2020, Dusseldorf, Germany, Hall 11 D15.
We are offering free CableBuilder 3D tutorials – to book a tutorial or to get more information on CableBuilder or CableMES, enter here.

The competition winner will be announced on the closing day of Wire 2020 – 3rd April 2020.
For more information, please e mail Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, [email protected]


Designing fit-for-purpose cable

For anyone who is new to the cable industry, it can be difficult to navigate. There are, quite literally, hundreds of variations of cables. Advising customers on the most appropriate cable or cable combination takes skill and an in-depth understanding of end use.

Since 80% of the cost of the end product is attributed to the material alone, it’s paramount that cables are designed to be fit for purpose and therefore avoid costly scrap. But there’s a greater cost to not getting it right first time: if the cable has not been designed exactly with end use and environment in mind, it may lead to personal injury or death, and the resulting litigation.

There is a plethora of uses for cabling, from the distribution of power to signals and communications. Their environmental application is equally as diverse; from offering the support infrastructure on suspension bridges to driving the subsea power of windfarms.

Knowing which cable presents the best option be it single conductor, coaxial, umbilical or shipboard will depend on a number of issues. Five key considerations:

1. End user application particularly taking into account size and topology of the network.
2. Environment – how exposed it is and what hazards may be present.
3. Process engineering along with the robustness of raw materials.
4. Manufacturers’ equipment whether it is suitable or robust enough to complement the proposed type of cabling.
5. Budget the more complex the cable configuration, the more expensive the cable cost.

Specialised cables demand specialised software
The sheer complexity of today’s cable design demands highly adaptable cable design software. Cimteq’s CableBuilder allows cable manufacturers to quickly build design variations. Sharing these designs with customers not only presents an opportunity for effective collaboration and speedy adaptation; it creates a fit-for-purpose virtual prototype without committing time and raw material to countless physical iterations.

Cimteq’s support doesn’t end there; its CableMES software provides factory owners and managers with the performance measures they need to provide finished product on time and to specification. It of course ensures adequate stock control which is a critical element for any cable manufacturer supplying its customers with large quantities of cable. Equally as important is its ability to maintain traceability and quality control.

For more information on flexible, fit-for-purpose cable design please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, [email protected]

Frederik Becker

Why is Atlanta such a hub for cable manufacturing?

As Cimteq prepares for February’s Argus Advanced Wire & Cable North America, it’s a fitting time to consider what makes this city such a magnet for the cable manufacturing community.

Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the US state of Georgia. The city was rebuilt to become a modern economy less reliant on agriculture following widespread burning during the Civil War. Its status as the unofficial capital of the ‘New South’ continues to this day and its rapid early expansion created the foundations for a great place to do business:

• Connectivity. Atlanta is home to the busiest passenger airport in the world, with 80% of the US population living within a direct two-hour flight of the city.

• Business community. It has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the US with dominant sectors in aerospace, transportation and IT.

• Technological ambition. Initiatives such as AT&T Mobility’s Smart Cities initiative, which sees a partnership with the mayor’s office and the Georgia Institute of Technology, capitalise on the exciting possibilities of the Internet of Things and how the integration of smart technology supports infrastructure, manages traffic, and creates a better quality of life in the city.

• In the Global Cities of the Future Index 2018-19, it featured in the top ten according to Human Capital and Business Friendliness indices.

Cimteq has a strong client presence in the Atlanta area and look forward to joining the debate at Argus Advanced Wire & Cable North America on the economic and political mega-trends affecting development of the regional cable market.

Frederick Becker, Regional Sales Manager  EMEA and Chris Huntly, CableBuilder Product Owner, will be on hand to offer one-to-one demonstrations of cable design and manufacturing software CableBuilder and CableMES at Booth #1. For further information, please contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, [email protected]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cimteq Executive Board strengthened by appointment of new CEO

We are pleased to announce that we have strengthened our Executive Board with the appointment of Mike Braddock as our new CEO. The appointment marks a new chapter in our company’s history as we embark on an ambitious programme of growth for the next decade.

Mike’s appointment comes at an exciting time for the business. Only 12 months on from a £2.5 million investment from the Foresight Regional Investment Fund, our growth strategy has already accelerated with an increase of 65% in staff levels.

Our founder Ali Shehab will be working closely with Mike to develop the overall strategic direction for the business in his role as President. Amanda Shehab will continue to oversee internal operations in her role as Director, and in partnership with other Executive Board members Rob Douglass (Operations Director) and Deborah Jones (Finance Director).

In welcoming Mike to the Cimteq Board, Ali Shehab, Cimteq founder, comments: “We have very bold aspirations here at Cimteq. Mike’s overall brief is one of growth, building on the strategy, mission, vision and values that have made Cimteq a cable software manufacturer of choice for some 20 years. Mike will be joining a highly ambitious team of individuals, and I’ve no doubt that his previous experience of, and leadership in, continuous improvement and transformation make him at incredible asset to our company.”

Adding his own thoughts on his new role as CEO, Mike adds: “What drives me as an individual is helping companies to evolve and capitalise on changing market conditions. In my role as Managing Director of a FMCG business in the North West, I spearheaded the acceleration of the business achieving an 80% growth in turnover in only five years.  More recently, I supported the three founders of a private equity backed engineering business with the execution of an MBO.

“I’ve spent my whole career in manufacturing businesses and I like to think that my understanding of customer need coupled with my interest and background in accountancy and finance mean I can lead on solutions that are win-win for both client and Cimteq.”

If you have any questions regarding Cimteq, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1978 664 215 or visit the website for more information.

Cimteq confirmed as Bronze sponsor of Advanced Wire and Cable North America

Cimteq is delighted to announce its Bronze sponsorship of Argus Advanced Wire and Cable North America 2020.

The conference, taking place on 3 February – 4 February 2020 in Georgia, is considered to be one of the world’s leading events in exploring new technologies in cable and connectivity materials, products, processes and applications. Supporting such key conferences is a cornerstone of Cimteq’s ambitious three-year growth programme and provides an important opportunity for the company to road test its latest product developments.

As Ali Shehab, Cimteq founder, explains: “Forever innovation is a core value of Cimteq and the direction of our product roadmap is set firmly by our customer base. The opportunity to meet with clients face to face and to learn more about their requirements for next generation cable and wire manufacturing and design software is what drives our business.”

With such a strong emphasis on product innovation in Georgia, it’s fitting that Cimteq’s newest recruit Chris Huntly, CableBuilder Product Owner, will be representing the company on the conference panel.

Chris joins from a 10-year career as Cable Design Manager at Aberdare Cables. In this former role as Cimteq client, he has an innate and first-hand understanding of day-to-day application of cable manufacturing and design software.

Live demonstrations of CableBuilder and CableMES
The team at Cimteq will be showcasing the latest developments to CableBuilder and CableMES from its prime exhibition hall spot at Booth #1, directly by the conference entrance.

To book your personal demonstration of CableBuilder or CableMES please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, [email protected] or visit us at booth #1.

How to get individual buy-in to health and safety

One of the most powerful staff motivators is feeling valued by their employer. Nowhere is this more important than in health and safety.  A poor health and safety record has long-lasting repercussions beyond the factory. One incident not only has a significant and often life-changing impact on an individual and his or her loved ones; it also damages trust in the company amongst colleagues and customers.

A company may believe that it has robust health and safety procedures in place but if they are not understood by staff, or if complacency sets in, they are sadly meaningless. Regular and effective communication lies at the heart of any strong safety record; that is, two-way communication between management and the workforce.

Managers who spend time on the shop floor and who are prepared to halt production to resolve an issue will build trust in their team. Such behaviour sends a powerful signal that safety always comes before production or profit. This in turn encourages workers to spot potential hazards and report incidents. Each individual has a unique knowledge of their work, and reporting both incidents and near misses helps all to learn lessons for the future. For this to become habitual, however, workers will seek to see what action was taken as a result.

Seeing a growing number of days since the last incident may appear a great success story but only where such incidents or near misses are indeed falling as a result of good practice and not simply because of a lack of reporting. Rewarding employees who report concerns will ensure that issues continue to be raised.

‘How’ issues are reported too will affect how motivated staff are to raise their concerns. If the process is time-consuming or bureaucratic, there’s little incentive to take time out to register them. Workers should be consulted on what reporting should look like to get their buy-in from the start.

Cimteq is a leading global voice in the cable industry. It is committed to sharing its expertise on a whole host of subjects of interest to cable manufacturers through its online resource and e-learning centre. Learn more at the Cimteq Academy.

Explore the optimum path to the smart cable factory with Cimteq’s webinar

Cimteq is pleased to announce that its webinar on ‘The Optimum Path to the Smart Cable Factory’ will take place on 12 December 2019. Two time slots will be held to accommodate to all attendee’s. Please click the link below to register!

The webinar will be hosted by Frederik Becker, Cimteq’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its aim is to explore the steps needed to implement this methodology in the cable factory environment.

It is the third in a series of webinars on the subject of Industry 4.0, with Ali Shehab, Cimteq CEO and Yufei Du, Business Development Manager for APAC, having shared their experiences so far.

As Frederik explains: “The path to the ‘Smart Factory’ starts with collating core data from source. Core data can be defined as accurate and informative product data, machine level data and business data. Once this information has been captured in a meaningful way, it can be connected in order to build an MES system. It’s the building block for a series of business practices such as preventive maintenance which have a clear impact on bottom line.”


The webinar will be introduced by Katy Harrison, Cimteq’s Marketing Manager followed by Frederick’s 20-minute presentation and a Q&A session.  There will be two time slots from which to select: 10am and 3pm GMT.


Register here for Cimteq’s webinar on Exploring the optimum path to the smart cable factory with Cimteq’s webinar.

For more information, please contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, [email protected] or to book a one to one online demo, go to

A recording of the webinar will be made available to all interested parties who are unable to attend on 12 December.

Tying it all together through strong partnership.

The implications of choosing the wrong software partner are costly. Not only is time and expense wasted in abandoning an implementation that isn’t working, it causes reputational damage in the eyes of both customers and staff.

Five questions to help avoid selecting the wrong partner from the outset:

  1. Is the company committed to product development?

Your chosen supplier should have a clear roadmap that is responsive to client feedback and industry change. That’s not to say that it’s a company that issues product iterations on a regular basis. Far from it; the most robust software needs very little intervention if built on strong foundations. Its approach to the development of new software should be equally as measured; new products should address a different stage of the same clearly-defined customer journey as the core product.

  1. Is the company considered expert in its chosen field?

It is not always the case that software that has performed well in other industries will be fit for purpose for the cable industry. Choosing software that has been developed with and for the cable industry in mind gives the reassurance that your partner understands and can respond to the complexities of the industry.

Experience is further demonstrated by the articles and whitepapers written be your partner company, as well as the events where the company presents.

  1. Is it a good culture fit?

By nature, smaller suppliers are agile enough to offer the required level of support but compact enough to offer a personalised service. Your supplier should be open-minded and flexible in its approach to problem solving. Only a partner who listens can ever truly be responsive to your specific needs.

  1. Does the company take ownership of issues?

Any partner relationship is of course not without its challenges from time to time; the litmus test is how your partner responds to such issues. Measuring this before you have experience as its customer can prove difficult but a partner with confidence in its service levels should invite you to speak to long-term customers for their experiences.

Evidence of stringent quality assurance procedures and staff who have been in key roles for some years should add to your confidence that this is a supplier who can be trusted for the long term.

  1. Do you consider them to be a partner or a supplier?

Where both you and your supplier are actively building for the long term, continually investing in the relationship and sharing a common goal, it’s likely that the relationship has moved beyond supplier-customer and into true partnership. Operating at this level requires both trust and transparency in all areas including working procedures and practices but also financials.

To arrange a discussion on why Cimteq is chosen time and again as the partner of choice for cable design software, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq at [email protected]

Seventh new appointment for 2019 signals Cimteq’s scale of ambition

Cimteq is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Latacz as their newest Application Support Developer. Anna is the seventh new recruit for Cimteq this year following appointments to roles across the company in Development, Project Management, Commercial and Finance.

Anna will act as first-line support to Cimteq customers, with a particular focus on customisation of CableBuilder and CableMES. Her new role builds on a career experience across technical support, integration of products with client systems and quality assurance.

Anna’s analytical and investigative skills will certainly be put to good use in the cable and wire manufacturing environment.  She explains why she has chosen to develop her career with Cimteq: “My background in Support roles has given me a strong insight into client requirements and has allowed me to engender effective communication between various stakeholders. I wanted to apply these skills to a fast-paced commercial environment where there is an absolute commitment to developing and delivering products that are bespoke to client requirements.  Most of all, I’m looking forward to the most challenging questions and those tasks which require deep delving into the code!”

Anna graduated with a Computer Science Engineering degree from the Polish Technical University and loves nothing better than extending engineering to her home life – particularly ‘tinkering’ with prototypes to build her own trellises and planters.

Anna can be contacted at [email protected]