The latest product offering from Cimteq, the leading producers of Cable Manufacturing software, has taken the industry by storm. Since its launch last year CableMES has changed the landscape of the arena in which its early adopters operate.

The concept of a Manufacturing Execution System is nothing new in the world of production however, research showed that within the cable manufacturing industry it is a mechanism that, until now, has been severely under-utilised. Ali Shehab CEO of Cimteq identified the potential such a system, tailored specifically to the manufacturing of cables, would bring to the industry. Dedicated to enabling manufacturers to achieve higher yields at lower costs, more efficiently in terms of both time and material waste, CableMES has the ability to truly transform production.

Based on one of the leading MES platforms from Wonderware, CableMES controls the process of cable production by electronically relaying manufacturing instructions to the operators on the shop floor and collecting order progress, as well as process, information from machine sensors, process controllers and manual operator input. It also collects quality data from test equipment and ensures traceability of materials used in every batch.

Furthermore CableMES can be fully integrated to run simultaneously with Cimteqs cable design software CableBuilder as well as numerous ERP systems ensuring optimal streamlining for the business. To put the impact of the system in context if a cable manufacturing company spending $50m per annum on materials were to reduce the amount of scrap, give-away and over-length they produce by only 0.5% as a result of utilising CableMES they could produce a saving in one year of $250k. CableMES has an innovative pricing structure, as a result the cost of implementing the system would have been paid for by the savings generated in only the first few months.