Cimteq at IWCS – Cable and connectivity symposium

Cimteq is once again exhibiting at the IWCS: The International Cable Connectivity Symposium, the premier venue for new technologies in cable and connectivity materials, products, processes and applications. The IWCS will be held on 29th September to 2nd October at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

For some 20 years, Cimteq has been the world’s cable design and manufacturing software provider of choice, with customers spanning Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

Cimteq’s CableBuilder software manages the complete cycle of cable design and manufacture through typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP system.

Customers across the globe renew year on year to derive the following benefits: accurate costings through consolidation of all relevant systems and applications into one application; waste reduction through digital twinning; and the automation of labour-intensive tasks. Quite simply, rapid design allows for rapid customer response, and with all the benefits of such a sprint to market.

Cimteq’s portfolio also includes its CableMES Manufacturing Execution System, specifically designed with the cable industry in mind. Customers of CableMES report an almost immediate impact to bottom line through maximising plant production, improving product quality, reducing inventory and ensuring on-time delivery.

Cimteq recognises that the cable and wire industry is fast-paced and increasingly competitive and seeks to reflect that in its own growth. The expansion of its senior management team and launch of the online Cimteq Academy are some of the initiatives launched so far in 2019.

What could Cimteq do for you? Visit us at Stand 502 to meet the team and learn more about how your business can reap the benefits of joining the growing Cimteq community.

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3D development places CableBuilder customers firmly ahead of the curve

Cimteq is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to its cable and design software CableBuilder 3D.

Cimteq’s CableBuilder software manages the complete cycle of cable design and manufacture through typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP.

By freeing up engineer time to work on more innovative activities, CableBuilder customers are able to shorten the time to new product launch and enjoy the ROI that brings.  Its 3D imaging – fully integrated into a customer’s website – ensures that cable end-users have access to prototypes of the highest detail and accuracy.

The new development allows CableBuilder clients to create sectored cables in 3D.

The latest iterations to CableBuilder offer enhancements across a number of key areas:

Performance and Efficiency

  1. Processing designs in multiple threads
  2. mixMagic.e2keyVLookup() and mixMagic.e3keyVLookup()
  3. Scheduling
  4. Synchronous design indexing
  5. Bulk project processing

Additional Drawing Types

  1. 3D sector drawings
  2. 2D Grease under/under & over/over
  3. 2D Hatching

Additional Features

  1. SPC QA Module
  2. Inspection frequencies

Katy Harrison, Cimteq Marketing Manager, explains the reason behind this latest development:  “2019 is proving to be a significant development year for Cimteq. This new product iteration takes the opportunities afforded by CableBuilder 3D to a whole new level. Our new Cimteq Academy, which has recently launched and is now open for learning, further complements our software with resources on all things cable and wire manufacture.”

To arrange your personal demo of CableBuilder 3D’s new functionality, please click here to Book A Demo.

Cimteq’s Summer BBQ

Cimteq hosted a Summer BBQ for the team at Cimteq this past weekend at Royal Oak, Bangor – to thank the staff for all their hard work throughout the year. It’s a great location, set on the River Dee and a great chance for the whole team to have fun and socialize.

Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, said “Cimteq holds a Summer BBQ for the team every year and it is a great opportunity for us to relax, get together socially and to meet our colleagues family and friends. We were really lucky with the weather this year and once again, Lee from the Royal Oak laid on an excellent BBQ”.

Cimteq would like to thank everyone for attending and hope everyone had a great time!



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What place for cable in a wireless world?

Wireless is becoming increasingly prominent in industries from energy to consumer goods and food processing. Indeed, it also has a place in Cimteq’s own technology – CableMES’ remote sensors that monitor machinery performance and reduce maintenance costs as a result being one such example.

The benefits of wireless are numerous. As there is no mechanical wear and tear, downtime is reduced. It can also access new environments where a wired network is prohibitive – for example, hazardous environments such as at height or involving water, or simply where the scale of coverage through cabling would otherwise be costly.

In our increasingly wireless world, is there still a need for cable?

In the banking sector and other sectors transferring legal or confidential data, wired networks provide the required security. Cyber vulnerability increases significantly when using wireless which at best can result in privacy violation and at worst identity theft and its financial consequences.

Whilst typically more expensive, wired networks are reliable and stable in other ways. They are not subjected to the same interference from other traffic on the network which allows for a greater data transfer speed. Similarly, their performance is not dictated by proximity to the power source.

For many sectors, a concern that may override cost and convenience is reliability. The concept of the Internet of Things is being adopted within the factory environment at a much greater rate than ever before. Its role in connecting physical devices only increases the need for efficient, unfailing cables. In the same way, in fact, that all our Internet and mobile communication signals are facilitated by a fixed fibre optic cable network despite the fact that our mobile devices themselves may be wireless.

The best solution undoubtedly continues to be a combination of wired and wireless.

Book at Bedtime charity secures support from Cimteq

Leading worldwide provider of software solutions specific to the cable manufacturing industry, Cimteq is working with other businesses across the region to support Book at Bedtime. The company is holding an auction of laptops and other high-tech equipment at its head office in Wrexham to raise funds for the North Wales-based charity. Book at Bedtime aims to provide as many bookcases and books as possible to women’s refuges across the UK, giving women and children a sense of escapism during their time of struggle.

Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager at Cimteq, said, “This wonderful charity is doing incredible work nationwide, helping domestic abuse victims. The gift of books can make a life changing difference to families in this challenging situation and we are so pleased to be assisting Book at Bedtime in its efforts.”

There are many more ways to support the charity.  On Saturday 29 June an Afternoon Tea at Hope Community Library was held to raise funds and offer attendees the opportunity to meet the new additions to the Book at Bedtime family – Monkey Bob & Worry Monsters.  On Friday 12 July 2019, West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber are holding a Summer BBQ at Mercure hotel in Chester, with proceeds going to Book at Bedtime. Guests at both events are also encouraged to bring pre-loved children’s books in great condition to donate for the bookcases.

For more information on ways you can help Book at Bedtime, visit the charity’s website at

Cimteq Academy opens to learning

With its 20-year pedigree, the team at Cimteq presents a wealth of knowledge on all things cable and wire manufacture.

This expert knowledge and insight now has a new virtual home. The Cimteq Academy launches today with the aim of supporting skills growth in digital transformation across the cable and wire industry – not only to improve today’s factory environment but to build resilience in the factory of tomorrow.

The Academy includes a wealth of learning materials including:

  • White papers which offer thought leadership from Cimteq and its partners on industry trends such as Industry 4.0
  • Case studies describing how Cimteq products have been successfully implemented across the globe
  • FAQs answering questions on Cimteq, CableBuilder and CableMES functionality and best practice on software implementation
  • Videos on Cimteq in action
  • Elearning courses including a quiz on assessing digital transformation readiness
  • Webinars on subjects that matter most to the cable and wire industry, to be accessed at a time and pace of the viewer’s own convenience

Katy Harrison, Cimteq’s Marketing Manager, explains more:  “Our single objective at Cimteq is to support cable and wire manufacturers in improving their processes and to enjoy all the benefits that brings: namely cost and scrap reduction, an upskilled workforce and more resilience to compete globally. Cimteq software is of course the enabler to make this happen but it is a step change that cannot be achieved in isolation. Equally as important is the transformation in skills and mindsets.

“The Cimteq Academy harvests many years of experience and expertise within our team and we are committed to growing this platform over the coming months to openly share our knowledge. It’s our way of giving back to an industry seeking to learn, transform and excel.”

To learn more about how Cimteq resources can support your work, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, [email protected].


Where the Smart Factory meets the Smart Workforce

The biggest change to the manufacturing industry since The Industrial Revolution? That’s how the collection of improvement technologies commonly known as Industry 4.0 is often described. Whilst a huge advocate of Industry 4.0, Cimteq’s CEO Ali Shehab knows that investing in this area needs to extend beyond the purchase of the technology alone. Unless implemented in an intelligent way the concept of The Smart Factory can never become a reality.
He explains: “Introducing smart assets to a factory is probably the most important action a manufacturing company can take to improve its efficiencies. But it is only the first step on a transformational journey where adapting mindsets in communication, continuous improvement and collaboration must also play their part.”
How can a company introduce smarter mindsets amongst its management team and workforce? The answer lies in the implementation of the software.
An empowered workforce
Design engineers live and breathe innovation. That is of course the appeal when men and women across the globe train for this career. In reality, however, the day-to-day activity of these gifted experts can often be tedious.
Cimteq’s sophisticated cable design and manufacturing software liberates design engineers from repetitive tasks and allows them to get back to what they do best – designing innovative products that boost the company’s bottom line. The benefits to the company are very clear: a longstanding and personally invested workforce achieves more, quicker.
Companies embracing the Smart Factory take an holistic view. Different functions no longer ‘own’ their machines and reporting systems. Instead, there is a single virtual environment where key stakeholders can assess performance at the touch of a button. CableMES’ sophisticated dashboards and automatic alerts flag up any issues in real time. At a strategic level, they allow benchmarking of different areas of the factory or indeed different factories.
Cimteq’s team of experts are on hand to empower customers through appropriate data migration and system configuration of CableBuilder and CableMES.
To find out for yourself how Cimteq’s software can help upskill your workforce in the principles of Industry 4.0 contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager at Cimteq, [email protected] for a personal demonstration.

Does embracing Industry 4.0 really optimise growth

Industry 4.0 is the collection of technologies that employ computer controls, modelling, big data and other automation to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Increasingly, it is being adopted by cable and wire manufacturers who recognise its immeasurable value in improving bottom line.
Introducing such smart assets to a factory is the first step on a transformational journey in creating competitive edge. Helping to deliver this vision is Cimteq’s automation software with its proven track record in producing accurate costings, reducing waste and automating labour-intensive tasks.
Cimteq has been an advocate of Industry 4.0 for several years. It believes that a focus on three key areas of Industry 4.0 brings the dream of ‘The Smart Factory’ one step closer:
1. The Internet of Things
In the Internet of Things, the sensor connects to the cloud computer which in turn connects to the machine part. Separating the system in this way allows more individual configuration of each element to meet wide-ranging business outcomes such as triggering burglary alarms or saving electricity.
2. Digital twinning
Simulating a product or process through a ‘digital twin’ allows design engineers to perfect a product without creating multiple physical prototypes. This has an immediate benefit of calculating product price and in turn profitability before involving the production line. Where manufacturers have more than one factory, it allows them to benchmark one against the other to identify the most cost-effective production location. Cimteq’s CableBuilder fully supports digital twinning through complex algorithms which have been built by its inhouse team.
3. Big data
Sales figures, product design, production and quality information all constitute big data and typically reside in a company’s ERP, CRM or MES. The Cimteq suite of cable manufacturing software is fully compatible with these systems as well as single virtual databases such as Wonderware. Collating big data in such a real-time manner with instant ‘alarms’ accelerates issue resolution on an unprecedented scale.
See for yourself how Cimteq’s software is driving Industry 4.0 by arranging a personal demonstration with Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager at Cimteq, [email protected] Book a Demo

Mission accomplished at Interwire 2019

May’s Interwire exhibition in Atlanta may have drawn to a close but the conversation on innovative cable and wire manufacture has only amplified for key sponsor Cimteq.

There were a number of objectives for Cimteq’s support of this event:

• Sponsorship of the Georgia Tech visit: 40 lucky delegates were invited to join Cimteq to view the new Georgia Institute of Technology Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AMPF). This new joint research and development facility between Georgia Tech, Delta Airlines and Boeing showcases some incredible work on digital manufacturing
• Providing best practice on enabling innovative cable production as part of the Innovation Operations Panel
• Delivery of the Smart Factory presentation and how this evolution goes hand in hand with communication, continuous improvement and collaboration
• Live demonstrations of Cable Builder and CableMES on the Cimteq exhibition stand.

As Ali Shehab, Cimteq CEO describes, the biennial Interwire conference continues to be a not-to-be-missed event in the Cimteq calendar: “There are few events that allow such in-depth engagement with over 4,000 cable and wire manufacturers from across the globe. Our months of preparation never fail to pay off. Meeting inspiring people who are truly transforming technology gives me the same vigour for our work that I enjoyed some 20 years ago.

We thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the debate on the Smart Factory and it’s a topic we’re wholly committed to at Cimteq. So much so that we’ve created a resource and learning centre dedicated to companies looking for support in this area. We look forward to sharing more information on that and an exciting announcement on our work in China over the coming weeks.”

Missed out on Interwire? If you’d like a copy of Ali Shehab’s presentation on the Smart Factory or to learn more about Cimteq resources to support your work, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, [email protected]

The power to be green

Cable and wire manufacturers face a perennial issue how can they honour their green commitment to reduce energy use whilst increasing productivity?

Companies that have invested in Cimteq’s CableBuilder and CableMES software have discovered that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and growing productivity need not be mutually exclusive. So how exactly is Cimteq helping these forward-thinking companies? Put simply Cimteq’s bespoke cable manufacturing and design software shines a light on the most inefficient practices in a factory at two key stages of the manufacturing process:

Design – CableBuilder’s ability to create sophisticated 3D digital twinning of wire and cable allows for much leaner use of materials. It presents the opportunity to test different models to identify which is most fit-for-purpose and, critically, all before committing to the costs of production. It also supports extended product lifetimes  of great appeal to cable and wire customers and custodians of the environment alike.

Production – Scrap and rework are perhaps the most costly inefficiency within the factory environment. Creating the most robust and sophisticated cable design through CableBuilder is only part of the equation. Companies extending their investment to manufacturing execution system CableMES have a clear view of when quality or non-conformance issues hit the production schedule. CableMES’ automated quality recordings and real-time alarms allow immediate response to any such issues.

At a more strategic level, phasing out inefficient machines and factories can only be achieved through regular monitoring and benchmarking. CableMES allows operators to build a picture of best and worst performing machinery across their factories, helping them to make informed choices about where to scale up production.

An integrated approach to resource management presents by far the best opportunity to minimise waste. CableBuilder, CableMES and their integration with any ERP system presents the most robust application of its kind to cable manufacturers across the globe.

Find out how Cimteq can improve your sustainability commitments by booking an online demo here