The world of cable manufacturing is a constantly evolving environment. The speed at which the systems and processes available to manufacturers are changing and developing means that in order to keep ahead of the competition companies need to be confident in their systems and be sure that the way in which they are operating is providing them with the best efficiencies, quality of product, return on investment and ultimately profitability.

The 21st century has seen phenomenal developments in terms of software and technological advancement therefore it is only natural that this in itself will revolutionise the manufacturing industry. The onset of what is essentially the 4th phase of an Industrial Revolution that began back in the 1700’s has seen our manufacturing world become increasingly driven by digital systems and the ‘Internet of Things’, providing increased capabilities in terms of designing, planning, controlling and monitoring down to extremely tight parameters. Last year Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, spoke highly of the concept at the World Economic Forum referring to Industry 4.0 as the way in which we “deal quickly with the fusion of the online world and the world of industrial production.”

Cimteq, one of the leading software designers within the cable industry, is no stranger to this concept. In fact their systems fully embrace and promote the idea that through the adoption of sophisticated design and manufacturing software systems manufacturers can produce cable faster, smarter and more profitably whilst adapting quickly to changes in the manufacturing environment. In our increasingly fast paced world it is inevitable that we are going to become ever more reliant upon machines to design, produce and manage logistics freeing up the human element of the workforce to focus on monitoring output, application of experience and teaching the machines. Ali Shehab, CEO of Cimteq envisages these ‘Smart Factories’ as the future of wire and cable production and their products are geared towards this even going so far as to contain technology that allows the users to teach the machine how to behave and to communicate with other systems and devices.

The launch of CableSuite by Cimteq and their partner Innovites earlier this year provides a fantastic resource to cable manufacturing companies in terms of helping them to embrace the concept of streamlining their production, designing their product more accurately and controlling the production and manufacturing process closely to reduce waste, improve efficiency and provide huge improvements in profitability. CableSuite consists of two of Cimteq’s products; CableBuilder and CableMES. CableBuilder comprises of a host of components including cable design, quotation, 2D and 3D drawings, PDM, manufacturing waste simulation and quality control. CableMES is a cable specific Manufacturing Execution System based on the Wonderware platform and covers warehouse management, product traceability, performance management and job management. It is clear that big changes are on the horizon and the adoption of Cimteq’s products will allow manufacturers to take the first step towards building their Smart Factories of the future.

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