The name, ‘Speciality Cables’ suggests that this category of cables are designed for a single purpose. They are normally made in short lengths or have a special process that distinguishes them from other categories of cables. There are some national and international standards that govern the performance and the safety of speciality cables, like aerospace cables, but generally they are constructed based on the customer demands and the experience of the manufacturer. A speciality cable designer has to be an artisan as well as an engineer. Half of speciality cable designs are non-symmetrical, that is, they contain components of different sizes. It is the job of the design engineer to make sure those components are laid correctly and the shape is filled with the correct sizes of fillers to create the correct shape with the correct dimensions.

Speciality cables demand a high level of flexibility in manufacturing. Unlike traditional manufacturing, speciality manufacturers do not have the luxury of absolute hindsight because they rarely make the same product twice. Design engineers need to intimately know their factories process capabilities and understand what operators need to know to accurately create the cable to the design.

Cimteq Cable Design tool, CableBuilder, hugely speeds up the process of design. Design engineers tell CableBuilder through flexible rules what is the capabilities of their process, so the system can check the design against it to avoid quotation and manufacturing mistakes. Furthermore, the tool allows the designer to visually lay the components of the cable to minimise diameters. It also suggests filler, and other component sizes. Once designed, CableBuilder can simulate the production to get an accurate cost for the customer required length, that is then combined with a datasheets that contains 2D and 3D drawings before presenting to the customer.

During manufacturing Cimteq’s CableMES instructs operators of what to do, monitors their progress, the machine performance, quality and material usage. CableMES makes it very easy for production managers and design engineers to understand their process capabilities through analysis charts to make sure future orders are processed as efficiently as possible.

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