The application for offshore cables is diverse, they range from shipboard cables which are similar in character to industrial cable to subsea power cables for wind farms, to umbilical cables. They all share a common requirements, they are all expected to safely perform in harsh or very harsh environments. Unlike other types of cables the design of offshore cables is heavily influenced by the demands of their application and their environment. For example a single continuous subsea cable may have a different design at different points along its length that reflects the terrain of the seabed it will be laid on. Such cables are also designed with the transportation capacity and the method of lay in mind.

The manufacturing capacity also influences the design of subsea cables especially when very long cables are to be produced. The designer needs to create a scheme to minimise joints to achieve the required lengths.

Unlike other cable production the cable components may be repaired during manufacture to maximise length utilisation. It is fundamental that the repair process is recorded and traced, but also the causes of the fault needs to be captured and analysed.

CableBuilder helps offshore cable manufacturers in many ways. It helps them design the cable including variation of design along the length of the cable. It helps engineers construct a cross section of the cable with all their customer’s requirements however diverse they are. CableBuilder also helps quote the cable, by simulating the manufacturing process using rules to determine the lengths that can be produced, material losses and the number of joints needed. CableBuilder also provides 2D and 3D drawings of the cable with a datasheet of construction and performance.

CableMES is essential in monitoring the manufacturing process. Every measurement taken manually or electronically is recorded against a point along the length of the cable, including any cuts and repairs.

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