• By Katy Harrison
  • Posted May 11th, 2017

JDR Selects Cimteq to implement CableBuilder

Cimteq Ltd, a software provider for the design and manufacturing of subsea cables and umbilicals, announces that JDR Cables Systems Ltd (JDR), has awarded Cimteq a contract to implement CableBuilder. CableBuilder is the world leader in engineering and costing software for the wire and cable industry.

The implementation of CableBuilder will support JDR’s plans to increase their market share in the oil & gas sector as well as driving innovation in the global offshore wind industry.

CableBuilder will play an important role in delivering on that strategy by streamlining the design, production and bidding process, enabling JDR to effectively manage their top three operational metrics: increasing efficiency; achieving budget; and realizing cost-savings, whilst significantly ramping up production and turnover.

Adam Wells, Commercial Director, JDR, says, “The implementation of CableBuilder is a great step for JDR as it will allow our designers to improve the performance of the business through faster, more advanced controls and by reducing risks”

Ali Shehab, CEO Cimteq, comments, “I am delighted to have the trust of JDR Cable Systems in CableBuilder and Cimteq to deliver the infrastructure necessary to facilitate their growth.  I would like to welcome JDR to the community of CableBuilder users who number over 2,000 individuals worldwide.”

CableBuilder is an innovative software solution that simplifies the complex management of cable design data from the initial design concept all the way through to delivering the full bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system.

CableBuilder has automation and logic built in with the flexibility to mirror the manufacturer’s operations, capturing the intellectual capital that resides within the company. The focus on automation for calculating costs, weights, routings and Bill-of-Materials as well as auto-generating reports and documentation significantly reduces the time on task and ensures accuracy and consistency.

The modular nature of CableBuilder gives the cable manufacturer the flexibility to deploy the core Design & Production module and introduce additional modules as requirements dictate. The adaptability and the scalability of CableBuilder, not only makes a smart system but also the smart choice for any cable manufacturer.

About JDR

JDR is a world class provider of subsea technologies and services connecting the global offshore energy industry. Their flexible and innovative technologies enable vital control and power delivery for both the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

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About Cimteq

Cimteq is the leading provider of software for the design and manufacturing of cables to the cable manufacturing industry worldwide. Each installation they carry out is specifically tailored to the individual customer requirements to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from the software solutions.

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