• By Ali Shehab
  • Posted April 19th, 2017


A year in today’s fast moving technological society is a long time. The cable industry is now starting to adopt the principles of Industry 4.0, or the “smart factory” as some know it. What is Industry 4.0 and how can it apply to wire and cable? First, the Smart Factory is not a single piece of technology, it is a platform like the smart phone, where small specialist software, hardware and even humans coexist. The communication between the components of the smart factory are not fixed: they change and evolve based on the need of the factory. But the changes are small and localized so as not to disturb the rest of the operation.

Cimteq will devote Interwire 2017 to this topic. It will be part of a panel discussion on this on Tuesday, May 9, from 9:00 am t0 11:30 am. It will also hold drop-in Industry 4.0 clinics every day during the exhibition. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask our resident experts about the technology, examples of its application, and how it would benefit you in your specific situation. Cimteq will also exhibit its most advanced cable design software, CableBuilder, and its Manufacturing Execution System, CableMES. We will demonstrate the integration between the two system, as well as integration with the world’s most popular cable dimensional measurement system, KSM, from ACM Analytics. Please click here to book an appointment.

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