Industrial cables cover instrumentation and control cables. The production of industrial cables is characterised by the use of a large number of similar cores or pairs in the cable with varied coverings, colours and sizes. The manual design, maintenance, and quotation of such a large number of components is very time consuming and error prone. The problem is doubled when such a complex structure needs to be industrialised for manufacturing and all its data entered into an ERP system as BOM and Routing.

The production of industrial cables also suffers from the problem of managing a large amount of components on the shop floor, some of which are made to stock and controlled by Kanban whereas others are made to order. It is essential that stock levels are maintained to adequate levels to maximise reactivity and minimise inventory cost. It is also essential to maintain traceability and quality control of production.

Cimteq’s CableBuilder helps the design engineers produce an accurate model of the cable right from the start, at the quotation stage very quickly and easily. There is no need to industrialise the design, and BOM and routings are sent to ERP at a touch of one button. Manufacturers that use CableBuilder make huge savings on time and remove data and calculation errors that can cause delays and scrap.

Cimteq’s CableMES help give production accurate instructions of what to produce and when and to what specifications to produce it. CableMES also collects progress, material usage, machine usage, quality and traceability information to help companies truly manage the complexity of a multi component environment.

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