The energy cable market is diverse but well-structured in terms of design specifications. Most energy cable designs adhere to international and national standards like IEC, BS, UL, etc. However, the diversity of plant capabilities, innovation, and end user applications adds another dimension to the structured world of the standard. Design management and maintenance is not only a slow and time consuming process, but if done wrongly can lead to scrap, non-conformance, or worse, it can lead to litigation against the manufacturer.

Manufacturers pay great deal of attention to material utilisation as it forms, on average, 80% of the cost of the end product. Material control is vital from the moment an enquiry is received to the moment the product is shipped to the customer. When a quotation is given to the customer the exact cost needs to be calculated based on the length of the order and production losses to avoid accepting non-profitable orders, or losing an order because of over pricing. During manufacturing, material consumption needs to be monitored and controlled with warnings when material variance between design and actual reaches a threshold.

Cimteq products are a great tool to control the manufacturers business in design, quotation and manufacturing. They provide design and production traceability, speed up the design and quotation processes, reduce costs and improve product quality. Talk to us to find out how our products can make a big difference to your company.

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