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Cimteq to exhibit at Interwire 2019

Cimteq is exhibiting at Interwire 2019 taking place on May 14th to 16th May 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, United States.

Experts from Cimteq will be on hand during the exhibition to provide one to one demonstrations on the capabilities of the software for Cable Design & Manufacturing.

CableBuilder was born out of the demand within the cable manufacturing industry to simplify the complex management of cable design data from the initial design concept all the way through to delivering the full bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system. Dynamically produce accurate production costs & bill-of-materials based on customer required length, Auto-generate datasheets, manufacturing instructions and management reports in any format, full cable design search facility and reuse of existing designs, generate 3D photo-realistic images with Autodesk inventor, full ERP integration with all production information and compliance & quality assured.

CableMES is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically for the wire and cable manufacturing industry which is proven to provide a very quick return on investment. It maximizes plant production, improves quality, reduces inventory and ensures on time delivery.

How can our software transform your cable manufacturing business? Book a one to one demonstration. 

Visit us at booth #1607.



We are hiring…Graduate Technical Engineer

We are looking for a computing or engineering graduate who is interested in bringing to life academic techniques through experiencing the complete business life cycle.

The candidate needs to be motivated to learn and apply learning. They will have to work on their own initiative and with other team members and even directly with customers. What we offer the candidate is a 360° experience of a software business.From the inception of ideas to specification, development and quality, to end user implementation and support, project management, account management and new business sales.

Joining Cimteq at this time will offer the successful candidate the opportunity to be involved in the key development stages of our products and to further develop the many exciting services we wish to offer our customers. This is a great opportunity for those seeking a long-term challenging role within a dynamic company.

For more information, please contact:

2018 Graduate Technical Consultant

Cimteq appoints new Manufacturing Systems Engineer for CableMES

Cimteq has appointed Matt Rowlands as Manufacturing Systems Engineer. Matt will be responsible for the roll out of Cimteq’s Manufacturing Execution System, CableMES, specifically for the wire and cable manufacturing industry which is proven to provide a very quick return on investment. It maximises plant production, improves product quality, reduces inventory and ensures on time delivery.

This new role will support our customers end to end in the implementation of CableMES.

Discover how CableMES can transform your wire and cable manufacturing system, book a one to one demo with one of our experts.

Cimteq and AESA enter into a strategic partnership in the field of design engineering, manufacturing and quality control

To stay ahead in the competitive industry of Cable and Wire, it is paramount that cable manufacturers improve their productivity and profitability, in the face of increasingly complex challenges. The cable market is continuously evolving, and new, increasingly stringent requirements are regularly introduced. To keep their competitive edge, manufacturers must consistently introduce improvement initiatives to boost yield whilst ensuring, and continuously enhancing, product quality. The partnership between Cimteq Ltd and AESA SA will provide customers with the combined skills, knowledge and products to provide a complete integrated solution, helping customers to become more profitable by saving materials and increasing quality.

Cimteq provides an innovative set of integrated products that are designed to manage the design and manufacturing functions of the cable manufacturers business. CableBuilder and CableMES removes waste, improves quality and traceability, reduces lead time, improves customer service, improves product design and improves data and costing accuracy.

AESA has been providing state-of-the-art measuring systems, devices and quality-performance services for 40 years. AESA leverage their Know-how to pioneer innovative and cost-effective solutions which provide clients with a clear competitive advantage in terms of quality and process improvements. The CIQ quality management system supports additional traceability features as well as extended quality improvement and data management capabilities.

Ali Shehab, CEO at Cimteq comments:

“The partnership will give us the leading edge in being the first system that completely closes the loop between design engineering, manufacturing and quality control.  The closed loop saves materials and improves product quality for our customers.  We do this by seamlessly combining best of breed products from Cimteq and AESA.”

Manuel Felder, Senior Area Sales Manager, AESA comments:

“This cooperation will allow us to provide a full-fledged solution for cable manufacturing covering the entire management of production processes starting from design to final testing. This will allow customers to have a thorough control of manufacturing enabling for Continuous Improvement and optimization of plants capabilities.”

Cimteq are Young Chamber Sponsors

Cimteq has joined the Young Chamber sponsors. The Young Chamber Programme looks to bridge the skills gap, between education and the business sector. In a recent QES, results showed that 88% of businesses believed that most school leavers were not ready to start working; and 83% of respondents said that in the past six months they had struggled to fill a vacant position. Young Chamber provides a range of different ways in which the chamber can help schools and colleges tap into the knowledge, skills and experience that local businesses can provide students for them to succeed in the world of work.

Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq said: “We are delighted to be able to get involved in the Chamber of Commerce Young Chamber initiative. Established in 1998, Cimteq provides cable design and manufacturing software to the Wire and Cable Industry. We are the lead industry experts and produce all our software in house by our team of developers. We are looking forward to working with the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce to provide support for schools and colleges within  the region and getting involved in providing work placements, talks from our experts and offering apprenticeships in the future which in turn, will support us in recruiting the best candidates within our region”.

Debbie Bryce, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce, said; “It is a pleasure to have Cimteq join our growing list of sponsors for the Young Chamber programme and it was great to meet the Cimteq team yesterday, who will be involved with upcoming Young Chamber projects. Cimteq won our International Trade Award at our Recognition Awards last year and we are delighted for them to be involved with Chamber projects and hope to work closely with them again in the future.”

Click here to view the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce article “Cimteq Ltd are Young Chamber Sponsors”

Cimteq printing 3D, designed on CableBuilder at Wire Dusseldorf

Cimteq is printing 3D prints at Wire Dusseldorf. This print took 10 minutes to design in CableBuilder, 20 minutes to get it ready for 3D printing, and 84 hours to print in 5 colours (200mm tall). Material cost, $12 USD. Visit us in Hall 11 D15 to see a live demo.

Our vast experience of the cable industry spans many industry sectors. Depending on the sector in which your company operates, your requirements will have specific considerations. At Cimteq we make it a priority to ensure that the cable design and manufacturing software solution we provide is mindful of these parameters.

For a free online demonstration to discover how our software will transform your company, book a free demonstration or e mail for more information.

3D print designed on Cimteq’s CableBuilder


Latest 3D print from our trusted 3D printer. 10 minutes to design in CableBuilder, 20 minutes to get it ready for 3D printing, and 84 hours to print in 5 colours (200mm tall). Material cost, $12 USD. We will be printing more of these at Wire Dusseldorf on 16th – 20th April. Come and take a look at the Cimteq stand, Hall 11 D15.

Our vast experience of the cable industry spans many industry sectors. Depending on the sector in which your company operates, your requirements will have specific considerations. At Cimteq we make it a priority to ensure that the cable design and manufacturing software solution we provide is mindful of these parameters.

With Wire Dusseldorf only 4 weeks away, we look forward to meeting you there. For a free online demonstration to discover how our software will transform your company, book a free demonstration or e mail for more information.

Develop your skills in Cable-making Webinar

Cimteq is hosting a webinar on Thursday 8th March 2018 in conjunction with the launch of Business Improvement coaching in the Effective Production and Technical Management of Cable-making.

Cimteq is offering professionals the opportunity to improve and extend their capabilities in the Effective Production and Technical Management of Cable-making leading to a certified qualification.

The course has been developed to drive managers, supervisors and engineers in functional teams to achieve substantial improvement in performance through an integrated approach. The centre-piece is a combined training and coaching service that leads to a certified qualification. It will provide an enhanced understanding of the different aspects in the management of cable-making, coaching and support in the development and improvements projects and ultimately a certified qualification. It is expected that the potential benefits identified for a cell or plant during the course will more than cover its costs.

The study method is flexible and can be delivered anywhere in the world. It enables ‘out of hours’ study and catch up. The one to one support participants will receive when completing short assignments will reinforce their understanding and extend the knowledge transfer from their experienced trainers.

The course is aimed at professionals working in the cable manufacturing industry. Typical intakes includes; Production Manager, Technical Manager, Production Supervision, Technical Assistant, Manufacturing/Process Engineer, Cable Design, Owner/Managers.

Cimteq is hosting a webinar on Thursday 8th March. Bill Pearson, the course leader, will provide more detailed information on the course, including the intakes, the course modules and the study method, followed by an opportunity  for all attendees to ask questions.

Register here for the free webinar or contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager,


How Smart is your factory? Industry 4.0

The cable industry is now starting to adopt the principles of Industry 4.0, or the “Smart Factory”. You may think of it as a revolution, or an evolution of automated systems of the past. However, the one thing you cannot ignore is that it is an opportunity. Smart assets are here and they are becoming smarter. Smart is not just about doing things better but doing things differently. If you continue to do the same things, you will inevitably get the same results.

Ali Shehab, CEO, Cimteq, says, “There is tremendous confusion around Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory and the Internet of Things (IoT). When people think of industry 4.0, they think of technology, but when they hear the word Smart, they think of intelligence. The two concepts go hand in hand. Smart is the act of applying an intelligent solution to solve a problem and Industry 4.0 is the collection of technologies to enable this function.

Another error that people make is equating the Internet of Things (IoT) to Industry 4.0. IoT is only one of the new and evolved technologies which we collectively call Industry 4.0.

Using Smart assets in your factory does not make the factory a Smart Factory, in the same way that a person using a Smart phone does not make the person smart. A Smart Factory must exhibit the characteristics of communication, adaptability, continuous improvement and collaboration”.

The most distinguishing factors of I4.0 technologies are automation and communication. The aim of the use of these technologies is to allow the manufacturer to reduce cost, increase speed and add value.

These technologies also allow decision makers at any level to make quality decisions to help move the business forward.

But on a practical level, how do you progress the theory of Industry 4.0 into the reality of developing a factory into a Smart Factory? In a report by McKinsey Digital*, it offers 5 pragmatic recommendations for capturing value from Industry 4.0;

1. Focus your efforts on a limited number of applications

2. Don’t be afraid of “workarounds” today, but start laying the IT foundations for a more robust solution tomorrow

3. Build a portfolio of third-party technology providers

4. Build a strong internal team with an agile mindset

5. Experiment with the new business models


Industry 4.0 is not the future, it is here and yielding benefits by those that adopt its concept.

At Wire Dusseldorf 2018, our focus will be on Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. We will have our experts on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of CableBuilder and CableMES. Come and visit us at Booth 11/D15. Book a one to one demonstration to discover how our software can transform your business.

Can you afford not to?

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Gap Analysis Workshop

Investing in software can sometimes feel like a leap-of-faith, the lack of certainty with regards the returns on investment as well as the scope of the delivered solution and delivery timescales can make it very difficult to drive the project internally.

This lack of certainty is quite typical for any software project and many feasible projects which could have delivered customers’ significant returns have been shelved due to lack of clarity around the potential gains.

We recognise that without this information, it can be very difficult for project sponsors to drive these initiatives forward through their internal budgetary sign-off process and ensure the project is given the priority it really deserves.

To help address these challenges we are running Gap Analysis Workshops on customer sites that dive into the internal systems and processes to work up a bespoke solution based on their requirements. The outcome from the workshop will be a report that defines the key deliverables and the returns on that investment to enable the senior leadership team to make an informed decision before they make a financial commitment.

The workshop will focus on defining 4 key areas:

  • The scope and costs of the proposed solution
  • Outline a plan with timelines for deployment
  • Highlight the internal resources the project will consume
  • Illustrate the return in investment between the current methods of working and the proposed solution.

If you are interested in discussing this in more detail, contact Richard Cotter at or call +44 1978 664 215 ext.543.


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