CableBuilder software was borne out of the demand within the cable industry to simplify the complex management of cable design data from the initial design concept all the way through to delivering the full bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system.

CableBuilder enables you to seamlessly manage cable product data through the typical workflow milestones of Design, Production, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Quality Assurance and ERP system. This enables significant productivity gains through the efficient handling of product data, ensuring continuity and data integrity throughout the cable lifecycle.

Some of the key benefits that our customers have highlighted are:-

  • Full search capability and reuse of existing designs
  • Better control of design and design changes with a full audit trail and workflow
  • Automatic report generation at any stage to ensure consistency and save time
  • Transparency and standardisation across all plants and design teams
  • Managed access for non-technical staff such as sales & finance

The various functions provided by CableBuilder are outlined below:-

  • Design & Production – The core module ensures data integrity is managed and maintained throughout the cable life-cycle
  • Quotation – Sales staff can produce real-time quotes including variable length cost calculations and include ancillaries such as transport and packaging
  • Manufacturing Simulation - Simulated production costs and capabilities together with production orders based on custom rules and run real-world alternative production scenarios
  • Quality Assurance - Systematically track and audit production quality, manage non-conformances, and generate test certification
  • ERP Integration – Full integration into the ERP system enables a higher Return-on-Investment irrespective of the ERP platform deployed


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