CableBuilder was borne out of the demand to simplify the complex nature of product data management within the Cable Industry. Taking the initial design data all the way through the product life-cycle through to manufacturing to ensure data integrity, product conformance and above all quality. Design and Production knowledge that resides within the company and key individuals can be captured and automated to ensure it is retained and distributed, alleviating bottlenecks and issues with staff attrition.

Based on a modular platform each area brings its own key benefits:-

Design & Production

  • Data integrity is managed and maintained throughout the product lifecycle reducing the cost of maintaining a quality system
  • Powerful search capabilities based on cable attributes saves time by enabling the reuse of similar designs
  • Industry standard templates once defined, reduce design time and ensure conformity
  • Design changes can be automatically propagated through mass updates to affiliated designs reducing product maintenance time, from weeks to hours
  • Full version control of the designs ensures traceability that is ISO9000 compliant with a demonstrable audit trail.


  • Formalises customer documentation which is rapidly generated to business defined standards, ensuring brand consistency and a professional image at all times
  • Price adjustment and costs calculated as defined by existing business rule parameters, removing costly quotation errors and misinterpretation
  • Format, scope and layout of all documentation is defined during implementation
  • Non-Technical staff have secure access to relevant documentation and materials for all customer enquiries that enables them to answer customers quickly with accurate data

Manufacturing Simulation

  • Simulate real-world environment to determine most cost effective routings and set-ups
  • Accurate quotations based on manufacturing to the customer’s required length that ensures the customer gets the best deal compared to other competitors and warns of loss making orders
  • Manufacturing instructions specific to each order to reduce occurrences of under length that could lead to scrap
  • Non-viable orders are flagged if outside production limitations

Quality Assurance

  • Ensures all testing parameters are adhered to
  • Production of test certificates and other testing related reports
  • Electronic storage of final testing results complete with audit trail
  • Analysis of quality related issues and process capabilities leading to efficient production processes and reduces scrap

ERP Integration

  • Integrates to any ERP providing the maximum return on investment very quickly
  • Eliminates the need to enter basic data into ERP allowing design engineers to concentrate of value adding activities
  • Eliminates data entry errors and misinterpretations
  • Real-time integration provides sales and production immediate access to new designs for quotation and manufacturing.

CableBuilder is a proven solution that is XML-based and adheres to public standards. This maximises maintainability at the lowest cost. Users interact with the system through their web browser; no client software needs to be installed, this further minimises the costs of maintenance. Trained users can maintain the design and business rules (formulae, matrices, rules) themselves in CableBuilder, eliminating involvement of IT staff or the supplier. CableBuilder will run on all operating systems that support JAVA and on all the mainstream databases (MS SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL).


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