CableMES is designed specifically for the cable manufacturing industry and more importantly the people who run it. Cimteq recognises the significant impact that key people can have, when they have the right information at the right time. CableMES has been specifically developed to offer full management and control over every aspect of the process.

Each key role within the manufacturing process has very specific requirements to ensure operational effectiveness is maintained. Whether that is the day-to-day sequencing of production orders or longer-term analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness they need to mesh together into a single coherent team:-

  • Machine Operators
  • Area Supervisors
  • Process Engineers
  • Operations Management

The flexibility of CableMES allows users to construct their own dashboard that reflects their area of responsibility. This ensures that the right people have the right information at the right time to monitor, manage, and if required, take decisive action to resolve any production issues. Only through this level of oversight and monitoring can a manufacturing operation expect to reach optimal efficiency.

CableMES is web-enabled to ensure universal access across the broadest range of devices which includes mobile as well as incorporating it in SCADA. Universal accessibility was a core principle during development and because CableMES is web-enabled you can have all your dashboards and factory information anywhere you go.

Reporting and Data

CableMES utilises the extremely powerful Historian tool provided by Wonderware which is capable of collecting any process data. Users are able to correlate this data with process and quality alarms to an exact length of cable produced to identify trends and provide long term improvement benchmarks. Historian and CableMES come with a wealth of reports that allow management to take a strategic view of the business and to drill down to the cause of any event such as:-

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), by area, by machine, by shift, for any time period
  • Production losses, and the reason for losses
  • Schedule adherence
  • Production variance, by plant, by area, by machine, by product and product group
  • Quality losses, by plant, by area, by machine, by product and product group. With drill down by reason of quality loss

Production Order Generation

CableMES integrates seamlessly into CableBuilder’s Manufacturing Module to generate production orders on demand, these are automatically generated and take into account the customer order date, lengths, availability of stock and the capabilities of production. The system automatically cascades demand and due date for the final order through the Bill-Of-Material to all sub-assemblies. Lengths at different operations are calculated to take into account the production capabilities of the process and to minimise waste with alarms raised should they contravene production parameters.

The resulting production order consists of all the necessary production information needed to execute the order, such as;

  • Date required at each operation milestone
  • Machine setup parameters i.e. radial thickness, extruder speeds, temperatures
  • A 2D visual representation of the cable’s cross-section
  • Defined quality attributes at each operation
  • A quality plan

Production Planning

We integrate with the world’s leading finite capacity planning tools like Ortems and Preactor which specifically cater for cable manufacturing industry. Finite capacity planning is an important tool to ensure the effective utilisation of production resources, it highlights delivery problems before they occur allowing them to be expedited to hit target dates. Finite capacity planning requires sophisticated algorithms and extensive experience in the field to deliver meaningful information at the point of need

Warehouse Management

CableMES manages drum and raw material movements through a powerful warehouse management system. All stock movements are tracked automatically with a barcode identifying ‘the lot’ of the material, semi-finished product or ‘the item’ container ensuring complete traceability from the raw material to the shipped item. The warehouse management system gives you an accurate view of available stock by location and by item, as well as an optional valuation of stock, and material variance through dedicated reports.

Production Monitoring and Control

CableMES monitors and tracks every aspect of manufacturing to ensure orders are processed on time and to cost. It is also a great tool to unearth hidden production capacity that makes a significant contribution to improved order delivery performance.

Production monitoring intelligently combines operator progress reporting with automatic data gathering from the production lines that validates and minimizes operator interaction with the system. It ensures integrity of data and accuracy.

Quality Management

Quality control is inherent in every aspect of CableMES, from quality plans to quality data recording. Analysis of quality losses, traceability and non-conformance management play a key role in managing a product through the manufacturing life-cycle. Traceability starts from the raw material, every batch is allocated a barcode which enables you to interrogate the provenance of any finished product down to its component elements.

A quality management order is automatically raised as soon as a non-conforming product is detected. The presence of a quality order prevents any further value adding processes by stopping the production lot from progressing. Once the quality order is released, the lot enters production again, or is scrapped, with a complete record of the all the actions taken.

System Integration

System integration was a fundamental requirement for CableMES during development and as such is capable of integrating to any ERP system such as SAP, CableERP, BPCS, etc. Integrating CableMES with CableBuilder delivers an exponential return that enhances every aspect of the Design and Manufacture lifecycle, from the initial design concept right through to the finished product.

Implementation Methodology

The versatility of CableMES is such that it can be implemented using a well-tested methodology developed by Cimteq together with the manufacturers’ engineering department, or by the cable manufacturers’ existing local Wonderware system integrator.

The architecture of the solution is designed to be scalable and easily supportable. The skills needed to support the solution are commonly available around the world which reduces the costs of deployment as well as the overall Total Cost of Ownership during its lifetime.


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