CableBuilder3D leverages the power of Autodesk Inventor to deliver a fully integrated 3D CAD tool within the CableBuilder environment. Designs produced in CableBuilder can generate professional, photo-realistic images through the simple click of a button saving hours of draughtsman time and additional expense.

These images are stored in the database and can be integrated into any CableBuilder documentation such as datasheets, reports or product catalogues.

The quality of the images speak for themselves and enable you to communicate more effectively with your customers and also project a more professional corporate persona.

Some of the key benefits that our customers have highlighted are:-

  • Produce professional customer facing product datasheets direct from CableBuilder without the need to hire photographers or engage expensive agencies
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals by including professional photo-realistic 3D images with customer quotations to bring the product to life
  • Simplify complex lay-ups for the production teams by including 3D images in the production notes
  • Integrate CableBuilder and 3D imaging into your website to enable your customers to search directly for their cable requirements online
  • 3D models are generated at the touch of a button. It is easy for none draftsman to work with 3D images
  • Seamlessly integrated with CableBuilder design, quotation and manufacturing module as well as CableMES, or even your ERP
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Engineering is a valuable resource in any company. Engineers combine knowledge and experience of processes and methods to solve day to day problems. But when engineers are given time and space they can truly shine and make a huge difference to the company’s bottom line by improving processes, new product innovations or simply streamlining what is already there. CableBuilder3D gives engineers the time they need to innovate by removing the time consuming activity of actually drawing the cable.

First impressions last

Customer service is a combination of understanding the customers need, providing the customer with a cost effective solution and marketing to keep the customer interested in the product and services your company offers. What better way to do that than to constantly remind your customers of how professional your company is? Especially when the cost of producing professional datasheets and drawings is negligible to your company. After all a picture speaks a thousand words.

A clear image is a clear message

The 3D image users are not the design engineers or even the sales and marketing department. The users are your customer’s buyers and your customer’s customer. If you are in the specialty cables business then the users of images are your customers. Customers can very quickly link their requirements with the images of the cable they see in front of them which in turn speeds up the decision to buy your products.

But what about cable distributors, or even online shops, where the end user does not have an appreciation of the product until they see it? The clearer the image the clearer the message and the clearer it becomes for the end user to buy.

The following images are examples of drawings generated from CableBuilder3D.


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    CableBuilder3D creates professional, photorealistic images of designs produced in CableBuilder.